High-Density Microelectrocorticography Arrays

Cortera’s HD-μECoG arrays are an optimal solution for high-resolution subdural or epidural neural recordings. Cortera offers a catalog of configuration options ranging from small electrode pitches ≺100μm to large area coverage (≻1cm2). All electrodes are patterned on ultra-thin, transparent, biocompatible polymer, and are highly conformal, which ensures optimal tissue coupling.


  • Central and peripheral nervous system
  • Chronic and acute implantation
  • Integration with extra- or intracellular electrophysiology
  • Integration with optical techniques (microscopy, optogenetics)
  • Suitable for mammalian animal models from Mouse to NHP


  • High electrode density (down to 100μm or less)
  • High yield and high channel-count: 28 to 128+ electrodes
  • Numerous electrode geometry and connector options
  • Carrier polymer 3x thinner and 10x more compliant than Polyimide
  • Excellent, low noise recording quality
  • All channels fully tested and characterized
  • Competitive pricing, academic and volume discounts